Remote CVS access

first check if the file ~/.cvspass exists and is readable
else create it with:

  touch ~/.cvspass

start the session by loggin in:

  cvs -d :pserser:user@server:$CVSROOT login

pserver  is the connection method. pserver is the most used
user     is your username at the cvs server
server   is the DNS name or IP of the cvs server
$CVSROOT is the path on the server to the cvs

chdir to the location where you want the local copy, f.ex:

  cd ~/branch

update the local copy with the checkout command:

  cvs -d :pserser:user@server:$CVSROOT checkout branch

branch   is the specific branch you're working on. Leave this out if you want a complete update of the repository

edit the files needed and send them to the cvs server with the commit command:

  cvs -d :pserser:user@server:$CVSROOT commit -m "comment" file

comment  is a comment of your changes
file     is the file you want to update

need more info? look here:
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