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Nagiosmodule for HAProxy Health monitoring

This is just a quick hack, and it could certainly be better. I.E. it could get the list af active backends automaticly, and this assumes that you only have one websites with these backends in. I plan a projekt where … Læs resten

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Nagios module for monitoring Postfix Queue Size

#!/usr/bin/php <? $e=exec(“postqueue -p|tail -n1”); if (preg_match(“/empty/”,$e)) { print “OK: Queue is empty | queue_size=0\n”; die(0); } preg_match(“/([0-9]+) Requests/”,$e,$m); if ($m[1]>100) { print “WARNING: “.$m[1].” mails in queue | queue_size=”.$m[1].”\n”; die(1); } else { print “OK: “.$m[1].” mails in queue … Læs resten

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Nagios modul til overvågning af antal MySQL Connections

Jeg har gemt selve modulet i /opt/nagios/mysql_conn.php: #!/usr/bin/php <? # Copyright (c) 2013 Mikkel Mikjaer Christensen function get_args() { global $argv; $a = $argv; unset($a[0]); $b = preg_split(“/-/”,implode(” “,$a),NULL,PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY); foreach ($b as $_) { $c = preg_split(“/ /”,$_,NULL,PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY); $ret[$c[0]]=$c[1]; } … Læs resten

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