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Installing OpenZFS on Debian 11

Installing OpenZFS Install the repository management system: Enable contrib repositories: Upgrade system: Reboot system to boot with the new kernel: Ssh back in to the host, and install the needed packages: Say “OK” to imkompatability warning, and load the newly … Læs resten

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Shrinking the root filesystem on a Linux machine

This was needed by me in order to run ZFS on a DigitalOcean droplet, but the process should be applicable to more or less any Linux system. 1: Boot into rescue mode Click the “Recover” link in the left vertical … Læs resten

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Adding SSH Keys to CloneZilla disk-image

Create working-directory in root’s homdir: root@Voyager:~# mkdir my-clonezilla root@Voyager:~# cd my-clonezilla/ root@Voyager:~/my-clonezilla# Generate SSH Keys: root@Voyager:~/my-clonezilla# ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ./id_rsa Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): Enter same passphrase again: Your identification has been … Læs resten

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Screenshot script for Ubuntu 18.04

This script will take a screenshot, upload it to a server and copy the URL into your clipboard and finaly play a sound to tell you that it’s done, first install xclip: apt-get install xclip Create screenshot.sh #!/bin/bash filename=’Screenshot_from_’`date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S`’.png’ … Læs resten

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WM independant shortcuts with xbindkeys

First install: apt-get install xbindkeys And create a config file, /home/user/.xbindkeysrc: “/home/user/scripts.sh” Control + Alt + P And run xbindkeys -p

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Installing Vagrant and host-manager with LXC on Ubuntu 18.04

This took me quite a while and failed tries to figure out: apt-get update apt-get install lxc wget https://releases.hashicorp.com/vagrant/2.1.2/vagrant_2.1.2_x86_64.deb dpkg -i vagrant_2.1.2_x86_64.deb vagrant plugin install vagrant-lxc vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager You should probably check if a newer version has been … Læs resten

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Inotify, Run (Python) script once it changes

This is sadly Linux Only, start by installing inotify-tools: # apt-get install inotify-tools and create the following script: #!/bin/sh clear echo Waiting for filechange … inotifywait -q -m -e close_write,moved_to –format %e/%f . | while IFS=/ read -r events file; … Læs resten

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Apple-style screenshoting with autoupload

Install xclip and scrot: apt-get install scrot xclip Download a shutter wave, i found one here: https://www.soundjay.com/camera-sound-effect.html Actually this one: https://www.soundjay.com/mechanical/camera-shutter-click-03.wav Add the following lines to your i3 config (~/.config/i3/config): bindsym –release Shift+Print exec –no-startup-id scrot -s -e ‘scp $f root@example.com:/var/www/screenshots && … Læs resten

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Ratelimiting på Linux

Linie 2 matcher kun 10 pakker i sekundet, med en burst på 20 (forklaret længere nede) og disse jumpes til accept. Resten fortsætter i tabellen, hvor man så kan gøre andet med den – f.eks. logge den. iptables -N RateLimit … Læs resten

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Dræb en SSH session selv når den hænger

Hvis din ssh session hænger kan den lukkes ved at trykke <ENTER><~><.>

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