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XCP-NG: Delete default templates

List the templates to get the uuid of the template you wish to delete: And then remove the parameter “is-default-template” by doing this: And finally delete it by:

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Hide nick-name in social-share on WordPress


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Fetching and parsing backuppc host summary with Python

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Distributing SSH Keys with Ansible

This method is designed to fully take over the distribution of SSH Keys, meaning if you use this method you, or individual users, can no longer manually add their own keys to the systems. ./roles/ssh-keys/tasks/main.yml: ./roles/ssh-keys/tasks/authorized_keys And finally ./roles/ssh-keys/vars/main.yaml This … Læs resten

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Nagios / Incinga plugin for BackupPC

This plugin scrapes the BackupPC web-interface and uses it to fire off an alert if one or more jobs needs attention.

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Adding a secondary qemu2 disk to a kvm using virsh

First create the image: Then attach it to the virtual machine: Enter VM and format disk, you don’t need to restart.

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Installing OpenZFS on Debian 11

Installing OpenZFS Install the repository management system: Enable contrib repositories: Upgrade system: Reboot system to boot with the new kernel: Ssh back in to the host, and install the needed packages: Say “OK” to imkompatability warning, and load the newly … Læs resten

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Shrinking the root filesystem on a Linux machine

This was needed by me in order to run ZFS on a DigitalOcean droplet, but the process should be applicable to more or less any Linux system. 1: Boot into rescue mode Click the “Recover” link in the left vertical … Læs resten

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Changing from GPT to MBR

Run gdisk /dev/had and type r and press enter followed by g and press enter, quit the program and restart the system.

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Wiping the partition table on a USB Stick in Windows

When you try to flash a Linux boot USB Stick from Windows, typically using Balena Etcher, the process will fail due to there already being partitions on the stick. If you open up Windows Disk Management it will typically show … Læs resten

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