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OpenVPN Server / ca certificate expiration check for Nagios

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Timify routine for Python3

Takes a number of seconds i.e. “120000002” and converts into “3y 42w 2d 21h 20m 2s”.

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Adding drop-shadow to columns in WordPress / Gutenberg using Twenty Twenty Four

In backend left-side menu click “Appearance” and then “Editor”: You are not in the customizer, click “Styles”: This takes you to the style-selector, click the edit-button in the op right. Looks like a pen: This opens the style-editor in the … Læs resten

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Simple Javascript clock

As the title says:

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Faking time on Debian 12

Sometimes you need to test stuff that only happens once a day, that can be tiresome to wait around for, so playing a bit of Deloran-style-prank on you Linux systems can be handy. Start by disabling ntp: And then you … Læs resten

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Styling Nagios output for a large display

Theres not really any built in features for styling Nagios, so i devised a simple workaround that utilizes html, css and jquery to do the trick. We need to run this on the same domain as Nagios itself or disable … Læs resten

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Delete USB partitions on Windows

Really useful if you have a USB Stick which have been used for installing Debian or another Linux and you wish to use it for something on Windows, the graphical partition manager in Windows are way to retarded to do … Læs resten

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Automating USBIP server

In a prior post we installed USBIP and used it manually, in this post I will set it up “the correct Debian(systemd) way”. But first, for completeness sake, we will go through installation progress again, first install the package: Load … Læs resten

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USBIP on Debian 12 – USB Device Sharing over IP network

In a world were virtualization is slowly creeping in everywhere the demand for virtual USB cables are growing, luckily the USBIP protocol are implemented in the Linux kernel – and the userland tools are partly implemented in Debian, at least … Læs resten

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Logging output of cronjobs

If you wish to send output of cronjobs to syslog instead of email use the following: If you want live-updates in the log file it can be necessary to unbuffer it, install the “expect” package and modify the command like … Læs resten

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