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Tunneling HP ILO5 through SSH

Creates a tunnel to the ilo port, which in this example is through the jumphost, after this you can connect to ILO by typing in https://locahost and accept the security warning, refreshing and logging in with your credentials.

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Unmounting an NFS Share that has gone away

On Linux when an NFS share disappears it is not handled very well, to say it nicely, and in order to get a functioning machine again you need to drop that mount, but a simple umount command states that the … Læs resten

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Fail2ban crash course

Just install fail2ban and the default settings will keep you protected just fine, after five failed login attempts the ip address of the offending login will be blocked for 10 minutes using iptables. If you wish to keep tap on … Læs resten

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Check TLS Certificate with openssl

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Running and monitoring rsync with Python

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Printing out a gage in the console with Python

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XCP-NG: Delete default templates

List the templates to get the uuid of the template you wish to delete: And then remove the parameter “is-default-template” by doing this: And finally delete it by:

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Hide nick-name in social-share on WordPress


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Fetching and parsing backuppc host summary with Python

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Distributing SSH Keys with Ansible

This method is designed to fully take over the distribution of SSH Keys, meaning if you use this method you, or individual users, can no longer manually add their own keys to the systems. ./roles/ssh-keys/tasks/main.yml: ./roles/ssh-keys/tasks/authorized_keys And finally ./roles/ssh-keys/vars/main.yaml This … Læs resten

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