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Pound Loadbalancer Quick Reference

I just stumbled upon this thing at a clients setup … so im in the process of learning this. Status of the Load Balancer: # poundctl -c /var/run/pound/poundctl.socket 0. HTTPS Listener xx.yy.zz.176:443 a 0. Service active (15) 0. Backend … Læs resten

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Penetrating windows #2 (dcom rpc bof)

Files: Source: http://base.fujang.dk/files/mike/dcom.c (include <error.h> removed) Freebsd binary: http://base.fujang.dk/files/mike/dcom Windows binary: http://base.fujang.dk/files/mike/dcom.exe + cygwin1.dll The windows binary is compilled by padde (www.beastie.dk) modifications has been made to make it compile under cygwin, the source file avail here was not used … Læs resten

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Linux backdoor

client : http://base.fujang.dk/files/mike/contty.c Server : http://base.fujang.dk/files/mike/bindtty.c Start the server like: root@banana:~# ./bindtty Daemon is starting…OK, pid = 148 And connect to it like: root@banana:~# ./contty Trying… Connected to Escape character is ‘^]’ [ut@banana /]#

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