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Linux Autodetect Software Raid

gamle howto deprecated, min nye forklarer meget mere: http://wiki.kaspersandberg.com/doku.php?id=howtos:softwareraid

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mod_proxy config

<VirtualHost thor.btworld.dk> ServerName thor.btworld.dk DocumentRoot /var/www/thor_redirect/htdocs ProxyPass /samurize/ http://thor.btworld.dk/samurize/ ProxyRequests Off </VirtualHost>

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Billedredigering med imagemagick

Rotate pictures? mogrify -rotate 90/180 */001.jpg Resizing picture mogrify -size 120×120 -resize 120×120 +profile “*” *.jpg

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putty tunnels from system tray

This is how to connect some ssh forwarded ports without having any unused putty windows in the taskbar. First download and install putty and configure pageant to start with windows. (use the installer package, not the standalone putty.exe) Make som … Læs resten

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