Using Vim Editor

Coding in Vim: Vim is a great coder interface, remember cmd's can be added to ~/.vimrc
:syntax on       : enable syntax highlighting on many types og source
:set autoindent  : Autoindent 
:set cindent     : Automatic indent for c source
:set smartindent : Things should be smarter, dunno how/why or when

auto indenting code : 
Visual block code, go to top type a, press page dow to select all code and press "="

Multi Windowing: Very powerfull feature of this briliant editor.

CTRL-W s , splitter vinduet
:split /etc/passwd , editere /etc/passwd i nyt vindue
CTRL-W n , eller :new , nyt vindue
CTRL-W c , eller :cl[ose] , skjul og luk vindue
CTRL-W o , eller :on[ly] , kun vis aktuel vindue
CTRL-W j , flyt til vindue nedenunder
CTRL-W k , flyt til vindue ovenover
CTRL-W CTRL-W , eller CTRL-W w , skift vindue
CTRL-W r , byt om med nedre vindue
CTRL-W R , byt om med oevre vindue
CTRL-W = , alle vinduer lige hoeje
CTRL-W + , goer aktuel vindue stoerer
CTRL-W - , goer akutel vindue mindre

Code folding (thanks to BT)

first hilite the code you're going to fold. use 'zf' and a movement descriptor
eg: to make a folding block of 10 lines, type 'zf 9 down'

now the fold is created and is folded, to unfold go to the folded line, and type 'zo' to open it

the fold stays in memory, to refold it, type 'zc'
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