FreeBSD ipv6 client

Asuming your router is working correctly with the ip 
3ffe:80ee:5f8::/1 with a /64 range.

 * Give the interface "wi0" the ip 3ffe:80ee:5f8::2 with cidr 
prefix 64
ifconfig wi0 inet6 3ffe:80ee:5f8::2 prefixlen 64

 * Add default ipv6 gateway
route add -inet6 default 3ffe:80ee:5f8::1

And your on.

To automate this with the initscripts put this in rc.conf
ipv6_ifconfig_wi0="3ffe:80ee:5f8::2 prefixlen 64"

if youre with pcmcia you should put them in /etc/start_if.wi0 
instead and hack your rc.netw

Add the bold line.

    384         # Set up any static routes.
    385         case ${ipv6_defaultrouter} in
    386         [Nn][Oo] | '')
    387                 ;;
    388         *)
    389         ipv6_static_routes="default ${ipv6_static_routes}"
  390         ipv6_route_default="default ${ipv6_defaultrouter}"
391 ;;
392 esac
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