Password recovery on Cisco-routers


1. Get connected with a rollover-cable from your serial-interface, to the
routers console-interface.

2. Coldboot your router, and within the first 60 secs of the boot-sequence 
send the break signal.

3. You're now in boot-mode, and now we can change the routers config-register 
to NOT load the startup-config from the routers NVRAM at startup.
This are done by changeing it from default 0x2102 to 0x2142 by entering the 
command: 'o/r 0x2142'.

4. Reboot the router by entering 'i'.

5. Bypass the setup-mode, and enter privileged mode.

6. Copy the bypassed startup-config to running-config by entering the 
command: 'copy start run'. We will not be prompted for password, as we already 
are in privileged mode.

7. Set new passwords on privileged mode, interfaces, lines ect.

8. Go to global configuration mode and reset the config-register to the 
default, by entering: 'config-register 0x2102'.

!! Remember to backup the running config to NVRAM!

// Benne
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