Software raid in freebsd

you can if you want add:
device   ccd

but it shouldnt be necesary:

ccdconfig ccd1 32 0 /dev/ad0 /dev/ad1

Unites ad0 and ad1 in a harddisk named ccd1 which has twice the size

Save config:

ccdconfig -g > /etc/ccd.conf

echo /dev/ccd1 /store ufw rw 1 1 >> /etc/fstab , to mount during boot.

If you want mirroring do
ccdconfig ccd 32 CCDF_MIRROR /dev/ad0 /dev/ad1

# You can join two arrays as well

ccdconfig ccd3 32 0 /dev/ccd1 /dev/ccd

Unites the two arrays ccd1 and ccd2 in ccd3
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