Proftpd passive mode behind firewalls

(By BT)

I could not get my Proftpd working in passive mode, whilst it was behind a firewall.

The solution seemed to be, to tell the server that it was behind a specific firewall (the MasqueradeAddress directive), that it should accept the situation(the AllowForeignAddress directive) and that it should use a number of designated ports(the PassivePorts directive).

AllowForeignAddress     on
PassivePorts 65000 65050

After that I only needed to forward and allow port 65000 to 65050 to the firewall host.

It should be noted, that my server is running on port 2100 due to the fact that I have more than one FTP server in house.

The other server runs perfectly in active mode, but this one is restricted to passive mode. Probably due to the fact that m0n0wall only recognizes port 21 as FTP data traffic...
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