Damned Malaysians

<cybermike> what?
<donald> yeah thats my man 
<donald> pls dont be angry 
<donald> i'm a new persn here 
<donald> can i get hackers here ?
<cybermike> yea and we get like fifty like you each day
<cybermike> What do you think a hacker is?
<donald> so how do i get them pls
<donald> ok let me tell u what i need them for 
<cybermike> ok
<donald> i need the to do tf for me 
<cybermike> tf?
<donald> that money tf 
<donald> and sending of checks 
<donald> cheques 
<donald> hello cybermike 
<cybermike> so you wanna be a criminal?
<donald> wat ?
<donald> pls can u help me and tell me wat hackers are meant to be here 
<cybermike> I can help you
<cybermike> my fee is 350EURO Per hour
<donald> p/1 ?
<donald> is it not too much 
<donald> ?
<cybermike> thats what i get payed normally
<donald> but cybermike i asked for a privacy and u agreed but now u have exposed everything in the house even gave them my country 
<cybermike> you havent paied for my silence yet
<donald> is that the way here ?
<donald> but u cound have told me now !!!!!!!!!!!!
<donald> which door are u talking about ?
<cybermike> ofcourse i dont work for free?
<cybermike> please be serious
<donald> i'm serious cybermike 
<cybermike> doesnt sound like it
<donald> this is a deal i want to crack out with u 
<donald> ok this money u r talking about is for what 
<donald> for each tf ?
<cybermike> i take 350 Euro's each hour
<cybermike> and 1500 Euro startup fee
<donald> i agree but that one what will u do with it for me 
<cybermike> learn to speak english please?
<donald> cybermike u have killed me reputation in the room 
<cybermike> no you did that :)
<cybermike> I may know an illegal brain surgeon who might sell you a new brain?
<cybermike> and afterwards a plastic surgeon and a new identity :)
<donald> what are u talking about cybermike 
<cybermike> just be quitet please
<donald> k
<donald> then where are we 
<cybermike> you promised to be quiet
<cybermike> thanks allot, now have a nice day :)
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