Roku Soundbrigde Streaming fra Icecast

I have to write this down while its fresh in my memory …

At the office we have a Roku Soundbridge which is a unit with a lot of potentiale and right now i unleashed just a bit more of it.

My goal was that i wanted to play music files in XMM on my computer and somehow route the sound to the soundbridge (and the stereo at the office)

I tried a lot and i installed a lot of crap which i may not be using, but what i think i did is the following:

I followed three different guides to install the icecast server. Icecast are installed from ubuntus repository We start ice cast with:

# icecast -p 5BQcAllxH1J3o

which is an encrypted password made with the command mkpasswd:

root@mike-desktop:~# mkpasswd foo

The hash is different everytime you run it … which for some reason is normal (i didnt bother looking into it)

The icecast config file looks like this:


location Just west of Mars

max_clients 900
max_clients_per_source 900
max_sources 10
max_admins 5
throttle 10.0

use_meta_data 0
streamurllock 0
streamtitletemplate %s
nametemplate %s
desctemplate %s

mount_fallback 1

encoder_password YAtutg4TIWqEA #hackme
admin_password YAtutg4TIWqEA #hackme
oper_password YAtutg4TIWqEA #hackme

touch_freq 5

port 8000
port 8001


force_servername 0

logfile icecast.log
accessfile access.log
usagefile usage.log
logfiledebuglevel 0
consoledebuglevel 0

reverse_lookups 1

console_mode 0

client_timeout 30

kick_clients 0

staticdir /usr/share/icecast/static

templatedir /usr/share/icecast/templates

logdir /var/log/icecast
stats_log stats.log
statshtml_log stats.html
stats_time 60

alias radiofri

kick_relays 10

transparent_proxy 0

acl_policy 1


I stole this from one of the eight or some guides i looked at this night, dunno which one but this works.

Ubuntus repository has a package names “xmms-liveice” which gives you an effect plugin that will stream the played file to the icecast server.

And then i programmed:

into my Ruko as “Radio Skive” (that’s going to be fun next time my colleages wonder why the local radiostation plays the same artists all the time … ofcourse depending on if they’l read this before that happends)

Either way … this works for me … i spend three hours on it … and forgot to do my work … luckilly im the boss :p

.. as a small sidenote i found a program nammed “Soundbridge Commander”, written in java and it gives me remote access to the Roku’s display and on screen remote control.

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