XCP-NG: Delete default templates

List the templates to get the uuid of the template you wish to delete:

# xe template-list
uuid ( RO)                : 7dd1341e-3261-7a68-f91e-f3625a5e9a97
          name-label ( RW): Debian 11 (Image)
    name-description ( RW): My own

uuid ( RO)                : bfb0c8e5-e1db-4a32-9d85-757b3de0f19f
          name-label ( RW): Debian Bullseye 11
    name-description ( RW): To use this template from the CLI, install your VM using vm-install, then set other-config-install-repository to the path to your network repository, e.g. http://<server>/<path> or nfs:server:/<path>

uuid ( RO)                : 7774689b-4ca1-4dea-8545-dddd6b64c17f
          name-label ( RW): Windows 10 (64-bit)
    name-description ( RW): Clones of this template will automatically provision their storage when first booted and then reconfigure themselves with the optimal settings for Windows 10 (64-bit).


And then remove the parameter “is-default-template” by doing this:

# xe template-param-set is-default-template=false uuid=17a818b5-20a6-4d34-a7ef-320da9ef4c14

And finally delete it by:

xe template-uninstall --force template-uuid=17a818b5-20a6-4d34-a7ef-320da9ef4c14

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