Apple-style screenshoting with autoupload

Install xclip and scrot:

apt-get install scrot xclip

Download a shutter wave, i found one here:

Actually this one:

Add the following lines to your i3 config (~/.config/i3/config):

bindsym --release Shift+Print exec --no-startup-id scrot -s -e 'scp $f && echo$f|xclip && aplay ~/.config/screenshot.wav'

bindsym --release $mod+Shift+4 exec --no-startup-id scrot -s -e 'scp $f && echo$f|xclip && aplay ~/.config/screenshot.wav'

Note i added two keybindings, you may choose any combination you wish.

You also need to install password-less ssh keys for the server for this to work.

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